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The tutorial is the initial experience designed to introduce players to Hearthstone. It is composed of six 'missions', and must be completed before the player can play Hearthstone properly. The tutorial comprises a kind of introductory game mode with reduced gameplay and helpful instructions. There is no option to skip the tutorial.

Once the tutorial is completed the player is taken to the main menu for the first time, and awarded the "Win 5 Practice Games" quest. The player is then able to play Hearthstone as they wish, although they are encouraged to start with Practice Mode. While the tutorial is over, additional guidance is provided on each new screen and during the player's first match, explaining features such as the mulligan and The Coin, effectively resulting in an extended tutorial in the game's native environment. The tutorial is the first and most critical part of the game's new player experience.

The tutorial is presented the first time a player opens the game in any region. While the tutorial is designed to only be played once, by playing in a new region or on a new account, the player can repeat the experience. There is currently no way to replay the tutorial for any given collection.